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» Earth SMS was created as a need for intefacing SMS with Softwares and services built by Super Technologies Inc
» As always when we created this product, we wanted to create a platform, rather then a product, so we created this site, and are taking it as a way to bridge for connecting sms with worldwide applications.
» We encourage you to use it, and help us evolve it to a service and platform that is of most importance to you.



Rehan Allahwala

Rehan Allahwala, founder and President of Super Technologies was looking for this kind of product for a while, and after trying to work with exisiting platforms, and service providers, finally made a decesion to start this service.

You can check more about Rehan Allahwala on

Rehan's FB fan page.


Azam Wahaj
Project Manager

Azam Wahaj, an experienced young graduate took over as the first Project Manager for EarthSMS and created the current platform that you see now.

Azam had limited experience in creating such application, but with the help of his senior team leaders, Created the current application.

Azam Can be reached on or on +92-313-2833722 or Skype ID azam.wahaj

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