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Process of sending SMS


To send SMS messages from EarthSMS applications, the application on the webserver will pass these parameters through the URL to the MySql Database.



* username: Sender’s Login Name
* password: Sender’s Login Password
* from: Sender’s Info
* number: Recipient’s Mobile Number
* text: Text from the user of EarthSMS

For Example: world&”

After receiving these parameters from the MySQL database, the SMS Gateway Server sends the message to the recipient by using GSM Modem attached to the server.

Process of Sending SMS to Earthsms User

create message screen then message.

Syntax: <userid><space><message> and send it to Gateway’s Number.


Process of Getting Incoming SMS


To receive an incoming SMS from EarthSMS application, the application on the SMS Gateway server will call the URL that user defined in the “settings” option and will pass these parameters.

* number: Sender’s Number of incoming SMS
* text: Text messege of incoming SMS

For Example:
URL: “ World“

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